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Cancer produces a range of emotions for both patient and caregivers. The Little Green Monster supports us as we process those emotions: acknowledge them, endure the difficult moments and enjoy the happy times.


The Little Green Monster’s favorite saying is, “We Love Science. We Need Magic.”


The science helps us heal physically, and the magic of imagination and creativity help us heal emotionally.

Author Sharon Chappell says, “The idea of The Little Green Monster came to me the day I was both diagnosed with breast cancer and rescued a Senegal Parrot, who is a wizard at holding things with his three (instead of four) toes. He always makes us laugh with his antics and silly expressions. I realized that if he could make us feel good as I am going through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation--and my family is experiencing this along side me--surely a little green monster can do this for other families too.”

Imagination, love and family are in the little green monster’s heart.

The Little Green Monster could be an imaginary friend. He could be a bird with extra joyous feathers! He is yours, mine, ours. We have left the question, “Who is the little green monster?” up to you to answer.

Who Is the Little Green Monster?