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The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic!

What happens when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer? How can you talk to and support that person? What can you expect while the loved one goes through treatment? While science does its work, what can love and everyday magic do to help?

In this inspiring story, the Little Green Monster helps Marie and her family survive and thrive through her mother's cancer treatment. The Little Green Monster flies with Marie and provides companionship and joy during this difficult time.

Written by a breast cancer survivor, The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! includes definitions of medical terms and arts activities to help families talk about what is happening when someone they love receives cancer treatment.

The Little Green Monster Project



  • Help parents and children talk about cancer diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and loss through the arts.

  • Use the creative arts to process feelings and stress during the cancer journey.

  • Make meaningful, new memories as a family during this difficult time.


  • Gifting The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! book and Little Monster Friends to children impacted by cancer, and to the organizations that support them.

  • Providing book readings and creative arts workshops to children impacted by cancer, in treatment and recovery.

  • Working with children and adult volunteers to create Little Monster Friends, as a community service and gesture of kindness for children impacted by cancer.

  • Hosting a blog-based forum for families to share their Little Monster adventures as they thrive through cancer.



Quality, healing, creative experiences should be accessible to all families regardless of ability to pay. Our activities are donation-based and grant-funded, thus we do not require payment from families impacted by cancer.

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We are a volunteer-based project funded through the Handel Sunrise Foundation.